lundi 11 octobre 2010

BERURIER NOIR: live 1983 (V.I.S.A./Androidia Flux)

Last week I have dug some tapes and I realized they was pretty rare. So I will put them here one by one in the coming weeks.
The first one is a live tape from the well knowed Bérurier Noir. It have been realized by the french tape label VISA/Androidia Flux in 1983. The sound is from 2 gigs in Paris. The first eight tracks was captured during a gig in the squat "l'usine Pali-Kao" (February 19th 1983) and the others five during a gig in "La Roquette" (June 1rst 1983).

Face A:
J'ai peur
Les béruriers sont les rois
Il tua son petit frère
Hôpital lobotomie

Face B:
Traumatisme les éléphants
Lobotomie hôpital

Fin du discours crosses
Les bûcherons
Chromosome Y
Frères d'armes
Hôpital de force (choir version)

Live 1983