jeudi 30 juin 2011

WARUM JOE: Allah mode

This LP was recorded in 1988 at studio "Garage" in Paris. For more informations see older posts. The bands members for this record were:
Hervé X

Allah mode

samedi 4 juin 2011

LES TETINES NOIRES: fauvisme et pense-bête

In Normandy in 1980, at the age of 13 years, Hubaut Emmanuel, aka the Earl of Eldorado, and William Lamy, aka Goliam, founded Les Tétines Noires. The duo signed with french label Boucherie Productions to record the title "Crazy Horse" on the compilation "La Relève". Accompanied by Marcus on bass, Les Tétines Noires released their first album "Fauvisme et pense-bête" in 1990. The band play a crazy music inspired by irock / new wave, dada and the record is very well received by the press. Then they recorded the second album "Brouettes" in 1991 with a new bassist Eduardo Leal de la Gala.
In 1992 Anthony Perez, aka Entonie, became the new bassist. The gigs become crazy. A hundred concerts in France, Europe, the Eastern and United States leave rooms littered with feathers, sugar, steam Incense, decibel saturated and messed up and fascinated spectators.
Les Tétines Noires leave Boucherie Productions, Nicolas Barrot (drums since 1991) left the band and was replaced by Jerome Sudan. They record the concept album "12 têtes de mort", released in 1995. An album much more violent and industrial production and neat (signed Amadou Sall, ex Treponem Pal). The sleeves of the first two albums were produced by Joel Hubaut. The 12 sleeves of "12 dead heads" are released by 12 contemporary artists (including Hubaut Joel, Ben, Orlan, Fabrice Hybert, Daniel Spoerri, John Giorno ...).
In 1998, one of the influences of the group, Christian Death, takes a title of Les Tétines Noires "Washing head", as the "Washing Machine" on the album Pornographic Messiah.

Fauvisme et pense-bête