samedi 25 août 2007

Les CAFARDS 1rst E.P.

From Epinay sur Seine in 1984. I have discovered this group when they played at the first punk gig which I saw at Ris Orangis (1984). There was also (amongst other) Chaos UK, Lunatic Fringe, Enola Gay....

1rst EP

After this e.p. they have produced a L.P. ("Vive les vacances"),one 12" ("Des goûts et des couleurs") and were presents on some compilations.

vendredi 17 août 2007


One of the whole first french punk bands was formed at Rouen in 1978. They have produced only one 7".
Born Bad Records has repressed those titles with demo and unreleased titles as a LP or a CD. You can find it here.

The members was:
  • Gilles Tandy (chant)
  • Vincent Denis (guitare)
  • Alain Royer (guitare)
  • Bitos (basse)
  • Philippe Bailly (batterie)

mercredi 15 août 2007

To start a typical french record. From one of the older records I own. It is a cover of the french national anthem "LA MARSEILLAISE" by one of the best french band OBERKAMPF. This version was on a flexi and to have it you had to send a stamp to a fanzine and you had the record in return. It was in 1982....
LaMarseillaise flexi