mercredi 28 janvier 2009

WC3 - musique moderne

WC means "3 in the toilets". They were a band from St Quentin in the north of France.They have began in 1978 for a punk festival in Lesdin. They have produced their 1rst 7" in 1979 on their own label "Vinyl Humide". Their first 12" was a 45 rpm with 6 titles, out in 1981. It would be called "Captain valium" but CBS records fear that the text encourage to commit suicide and fear a trial because Valium was a trade mark. So the title was changed in "Poupée bebop". After that they produced 2 albums: "musique moderne" in 1982 and "la machine infernale" in 1984. 3 singles were took out of each 12": "poupée bebop", "derniers baisers du vautour" and "cadillac" with a Rolling Stone cover (2000 lights years from home). During 1984 Jeannine died and the band stop.
You can find more informations and repressing of their first 7" here.

WC3 was:

Moderne musique

jeudi 22 janvier 2009

NUCLEAR DEVICE - 1987 remix

An other 7" by this band. It contains remixes of 3 of their titles. Those titles have been remixed by Kid Bravo. This record was put out in december 1987. It was produced by Bondage records and distributed by New Rose records.

1987 remix

lundi 5 janvier 2009


Here is the first 12" by this band. It came out in 1979 on CBS. For more infos about the band see here

Edith Nylon s/t