jeudi 31 janvier 2008


Réseau d'Ombre was born in febrary1984 in Laval. The first member was Enst(voices, synthé) who had recuited the 2 other members by classified. Those members Jean-Marc(bass) and Karl(drums) are brothers. This 7" was recorded in 1984. Réseau d'Ombres has started a fund to put out this record. This is their first effort on vinyl after 2 tapes.


lundi 7 janvier 2008

Clair Obscur 1rst single

Clair Obscur was born in Creil (north of France) in 1981. Their shows mixing music and visual performances were very quickly recognised, and became a reference public and the up and french independant radio stations. In 1983 they had opened for Killing Joke in Paris, the same year they had produced their 1rst single. This single came with insert that you can see here.

Clair Obscur was:*Thierry Damerval............bass*Christophe Demarthe.......vocals*Nicolas Demarthe............guitar

Santa Maria