jeudi 25 février 2016

A 3 DANS LES WC: contagion

Here is the 1rst 7" from A 3 Dans Les WC. After this 7", they have changed their name as WC3.


mardi 9 février 2016

LES TETINES NOIRES: Epidemik pakotill

Another piece from this band. This time, it is a promo single from 1991 on Boucherie Productions.

Epidemik pakotill

jeudi 4 février 2016

COSMIC WURST: Carlos Rodriguez is back

Cosmic Wurst is a french band from Paris. They were active between 1987 and 1991 and have produced this Ep and an LP. After Cosmic Wurst Nicolas Baby played bass in the band French Funk Federation and Piotr Karczenski became graphist.

Carlos Rodriguez is back

jeudi 28 janvier 2016

BURNING EXPERIENCE: split Burning Heads/ Near Death Experience

This record is a little bite more than a split record. On one side each band play one of their song and on the other side the bands merge in one band and play an original song.
Burning Heads are well known so.....
Near Death Experience is french project from Orleans started in 1991 as an industrial rock band (mixing electronics and hardcore/noise/metal), then evoluted as an electronic duo.


lundi 23 novembre 2015

NUCLEAR DEVICE: Je suis un évadé 12"

The last record published by ND, before the compilation on CD, is a 12" from 1988 and on Bondage records. 

NUCLEAR DEVICE: Desperados 7"

 Another single from 1987 and also on Bondage records.

lundi 27 février 2012

COLM: 45

I saw this band in the beginning of the 90's. They were from Fontenay aux Roses. They played music somewhere between grunge and noise pop. I didn't find other informations, if you have some....