lundi 23 novembre 2015

NUCLEAR DEVICE/ Je suis un évadé 12"

The last record published by ND, before the compilation on CD, is a 12" from 1988 and on Bondage records. 

NUCLEAR DEVICE: Desperados 7"

Another single from 1987 and also on Bondage records.

mardi 27 octobre 2015


There is a long time with out news from me. It seem there is a problem with the Divshare links. So, I will re-up all my files in an other place and update the links. I will let you know the updated files.


*Ausweis: dub action
                  jours de haine
*Bérurier noir: K7
                         Nada 84
*Brigades: bombs'n'blood and capital
                  janis would say
                  riot and dance
                  yours negatively
*Burning Heads: split with Marshes
                            split with NRA
                            wise guys
*Catch 22: l'affront national 12"
*Cafards: 1rst ep
*Clair Obscur: santa maria
*Colm: 45
*Paris Mix
*Désaxés: juste 15 ans
*Dicky Birds: indéfendable
*Dirty Hands; lost in heaven
*Edith Nylon: 4 essais philosophiques
                        echo bravo
                        johnny johnny
*Heimat Los: 1rst ep
                       split ep
                       negative mental obsession
*Kickback: no one get out alive
*Kremlin Kontingent: L.A.B
*Krull: anguish
*Les Tétines Noires: fauvisme et pense bête
*Lucrate Milk: K7 V.I.S.A
                         lustiges tierquartett
                         nepla relou
*MST: puc
*NGA: mini CD
*Nomed: troops of death
*Nuclear Device: western electrique
                             free gave away 7"
                             45 révolutions par minute 12"
                             1987 remix
*Oberkampf: la Marseillaise flexi
*OTH: animal fatal
*Pungy Stick: shadow earth
*Réseau d'Ombres: faction
*Scraps: apartheid ep
*Seekers Of Truth: transcendence
*Soul Patrol: mother cake
*Thugs: frenetic dancing
*Vietnam Rafale: asile tropical
*WC3: moderne musique
            la machine infernale

lundi 27 février 2012

COLM: 45

I saw this band in the beginning of the 90's. They were from Fontenay aux Roses. They played music somewhere between grunge and noise pop. I didn't find other informations, if you have some....


vendredi 24 février 2012

BABYLON FIGHTERS: radical system

Another 12" of this band from St Etienne. This one was produce in 1988 by Kronchtadt tape and was the first Babylon Fighters' LP. This edition was a green vinyl pressing , also available as a black vinyl re-pressing from Houlala records in 1990.

Radical System

jeudi 16 février 2012

NUCLEAR DEVICE: Western electric

Another one LP, from 1987 and on Bondage records. For more informations about Nuclear Device see older posts.

Western Electric

mercredi 15 février 2012

NUCLEAR DEVICE: Tonnerre à la une

As asked by some readers, here is an other LP from the french band Nuclear Device. This one was put out in 1986 by Bondage records.

Tonnerre à la Une