jeudi 4 mars 2010

Rock army fraction

This record is a Rock Radical Record/Alerte Rouge co-production from 1986. This is an anti-capitalist sampler.

Kid Bravo was a former member of the Brigades (see older posts). He left the band in 1985.
Red London are from Sunderland, they were born in 1979 and split a first time in 1980. After that the singer played with Red Alert. In 1981, he left this band an he re-formed the Red London with one original member and his brother.
Les Kamioners du Suicide, for those tracks, was just one guy: D'jah X. Those two titles are the first recorded tracks from this band. After that les Kamioners du Suicide became a band who played in squatt and other alternative places.
Haine Brigade was a french anarcho-punk band from Lyon. They were a part of "la Fraktion Rock Terrosiste" and they also edited a fanzine called Kanaï.
Richard III: the only thing I know about this band is that they have had a title on Bullshit Detector from the Crass Label, and they was french.
Vent d'Est was a french band. Two members of the band were involved in the fanzine l'Alerte Rouge.
For Nuclear Device informations see older posts.
Attila the Stockbroker is a well known poet/performer/punk from Great Britain.
As stated in their own website the Neurotics were the same band as the Newton Neurotics.

Rock Army Fraction