lundi 15 juin 2009


Burning Heads were founded in 1988. Thomas on drums is an ex-Komintern Sect, a well known french punk band of the 80's. Their gigs made them quickly well-known in france and after in Europe. Their 1rst LP "Burning Heads" have been registred by Donnel Cameron (Bad Religion, Rancid,....) have came out in 1992. In the shame time Burning Heads became a reference in the french hardcore scene. "Dive" the 2nd LP have been registred by Jack Endino came out in 1994. In 1998 and 1999 Burning Heads have put out two Lp on Epitaph Europe ("Be one with the flames" and "Escape"). Those records contain some reggae influences as some great bands of the first punk generation. Remember Clash, Ruts, etc.... In the same vein they have put out "Opposite" in 2001. After this record Phil had left the band and he was replaced by Fonfon. 2003 have seen the first LP with the new line-up "Taranto".
In 2004 they have created their own label: Opposite prod. Since this time they have put out three LPs:"BHASS Project"(coprod. with Yelen), "Badtime for human kind" and "Opposite2". 2009 will see a new punk LP and maybe a split album with the Adolescent.

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