mardi 26 mai 2009

Les DESAXES - juste 15 ans (first pressing)

Les Désaxés (the Misfits in english) had began in1981 when Yanick Musy and François Montgaillard's band (boppin' cats) spiltted up. At the beginning Les Désaxés was a trio consisting of Yannick on bass, François on drums and Karim on vocals. The band play their first gig in november 1981 at the Rose Bonbon in Paris. In December of this year, Hervé Zerrouk came on guitar and a few time after Karim left the band and he have been replaced by Pierre Milaikoff. In may 1983 they recorded their first single, in October came out a first pressing of 3.000 copies. This 7" received good press' reviews and national airplay, it was quickly sold-out.

Juste 15 ans