vendredi 10 avril 2009

Heimat-los 3x7"

Heimat-los was formed in 1983 through an adds from the guitarplayer Francois. He was contacted by the bassplayer Jean-Claude. For the first practise the drummer Serge was called to help and Jean-Claude came with a punk singer (Norbert) that he has just met in the street. After that they has deceide to form a band. In 1984 they has had a title on the french sampler "1984 the first", and the french label New Wave Records has proposed to them to produce an EP. In 1985 their 1rst EP "schlag!"came out. During this year they has became to tour in different places in France, Belgium and Germany. In 1986 Philippe Roizes from Réseau Alternatif Records gave them the oppotunity of put out an EP with Kromozom 4, 1000 or 1100 were pressed. The last one "Negative Mental Obsession" came out in 1988, in September of this year Heimat-los have splitted.

Split EP
Negative Mental Obsession